Do you know that fall is when the most home remodeling takes place?  Yep.  Its holiday season.  Hooray!! Yippee??

It’s a little late in “the season” to start a kitchen remodel, but there is still time to spruce up some areas of your home before company arrives.  New carpeting or flooring will make a big impact if that’s on your list.  And of course there’s time to paint that powder room or guest bedroom – especially if you are the DIY kind.

Visit local kitchen and baflooringth showrooms and you might be surprised what you can do in a pinch.  New fixtures or faucets or even a few stylish accessories can make a big impact and the professionals there can help you make it happen.  Many of those same showrooms can help with lighting.  Lighting makes a difference – trust me.  And speaking of lighting, how about outdoor lighting.  There are professionals for that too!  Light the driveway or pathways to your home beautifully for a lasting effect you’ll enjoy year round.

Visit remodelers websites for ideas and of course the standbys like HGTV or BHG for some incentive.  And then visit or call a professional –  member of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association when you are ready to put those ideas in place.  But don’t wait…. It’s the middle of November already!